Today is a sad day. Mr Les Want, singer, dancer, raconteur, philanderer, and my father, passed away.

Ever since he’d had to stop singing professionally due to ill health, he’d never recaptured the spirit that had kept him almost permanently in showbusiness for 66 years. A release perhaps and certainly not entirely unexpected, but boy does it stab you in the heart when it happens.

Dad meant a lot to different people. The brother that ran off at 14 to join the theatre, the husband who couldn’t resist a leggy blonde out of wedlock, the Dad who wasn’t quite the Dad he should be. Or the ‘turn’, singing and dancing his way around the world and nearly, very nearly, ‘making it’.

It’s been therapeutic to dig out some old photos and I have a feeling Beki (my Sister) and I will make his funeral more of a celebration of his achievements than a register of his failings. So here are some funny and lovely photos of him. Please people stay close to your folks. They may be distant and complete ratbags but they made you. I love you Dad, silly old sod.

Les Want in The Ken Tones

The Ken Tones in the 1950s – Dad second from the right

Les Want

In his heyday!

Les Want

In the late 70s – you can see where I get my sense of fashion from.

Les and John Want

A professional shot. Check my cords and collar!

Les Want live in Great Yarmouth!

Another summer, another tour.

Les Want

What he lived for – singing for his supper.

Les Want in Some Like It Hot

Nearly made it – in the West End with Some Like It Hot.

Les Want with his children, John and Beki

Me and my sister with our Dad.