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Well… This week sees another Comic Relief. For the last one, Niclas told a few jokes on YouTube and raised over Β£200, getting in his local rag at the same time! This time round, it’s a family affair with both brothers writing and starring in their own Red Nose Laughter Show.

You can see their brilliant show by clicking on their cheeky faces below. If they make you laugh, don’t forget to donate to Comic Relief using the link below the video. Or go to



…or lack of it. I mean really, is a few weeks of sun too much to ask for?

Luckily, while the world was watching and London hosted the Olympics, we did get some great weather and our country was shown off to the world as one full of heritage, passion and a transport system not quite a creaky as people made out.

Sam and I got tickets for the Football Semi Finals at Wembley, which was great fun and we saw the eventual winners Mexico beat Japan.


The following day, we took a trip to Stratford to soak up the atmosphere of the Olympic Park. Even though we didn’t have tickets, it was great being there. The Westfield mall is massive and was full of athletes topping up with the odd Starbucks. Highlight of the day though was meetingΒ Canadian Men’s 8 Rowing silver medallist Will Crothers and his missus, rower Patricia Obee, on the DLR (of all places!) They were charming, looking forward to their week sightseeing, and happily had a photo taken with me…


So as the Olympics all finished and attention turned to the upcoming Paralympics, we had some family business to attend to, namely my sister Beki’s wedding to the lovely Steve, in an exceptionally sunny Henley On Thames. It was a wonderful day, small and intimate with a fantastic meal at the Hotel Du Vin afterwards. I was not only the chief photographer but also DJ (well, sorted out a playlist on the old iPod!). My favourite photo is below but if you click on our ‘latest photos’ link on the right, you can see the whole set. Congrats to Sis and Bruv in Law, we hope you have a loving and content rest of your life πŸ™‚


…and a quick note about Dad – thank you for all your lovely comments on my post below and sharing all the memories you had at the funeral. It was a great send off, he would have been proud!

Today is a sad day. Mr Les Want, singer, dancer, raconteur, philanderer, and my father, passed away.

Ever since he’d had to stop singing professionally due to ill health, he’d never recaptured the spirit that had kept him almost permanently in showbusiness for 66 years. A release perhaps and certainly not entirely unexpected, but boy does it stab you in the heart when it happens.

Dad meant a lot to different people. The brother that ran off at 14 to join the theatre, the husband who couldn’t resist a leggy blonde out of wedlock, the Dad who wasn’t quite the Dad he should be. Or the ‘turn’, singing and dancing his way around the world and nearly, very nearly, ‘making it’.

It’s been therapeutic to dig out some old photos and I have a feeling Beki (my Sister) and I will make his funeral more of a celebration of his achievements than a register of his failings. So here are some funny and lovely photos of him. Please people stay close to your folks. They may be distant and complete ratbags but they made you. I love you Dad, silly old sod.

Les Want in The Ken Tones

The Ken Tones in the 1950s – Dad second from the right

Les Want

In his heyday!

Les Want

In the late 70s – you can see where I get my sense of fashion from.

Les and John Want

A professional shot. Check my cords and collar!

Les Want live in Great Yarmouth!

Another summer, another tour.

Les Want

What he lived for – singing for his supper.

Les Want in Some Like It Hot

Nearly made it – in the West End with Some Like It Hot.

Les Want with his children, John and Beki

Me and my sister with our Dad.

This is Marcus, Ieuan’s new friend. After meeting Keith Harris and Orville, Ieuan went away and bought his own puppet and has been practising his ventriloquism ever since. We also loved the new Muppets film so put the two together and what do you get? Hold onto your hats, this is Ieuan at his maddest and best!

Hello everyone, Ieuan here again.

Today I made a Rubik’s cube out of paper, tape and string. It’s a 2 by 2. It is not a cheat one, which is just taped together, I made sure it was held together in the middle with string, so it’s more like a real one.


It reminds me of another video I did when I was 8. It’s a nice little beginner’s video of me taking apart a Rubik’s Cube and showing how to put it back together. Hope you like it!

Our Number 1!

He’s terribly shy and retiring, so it will pain him to see I’ve put this on our website!

My StepDad Paul has always been a bit nifty with a racket, he’s been a high standard of player in squash, badminton and tennis, even playing at Wimbledon, back in the day (and although he allegedly ‘knows a lot of people’ has never managed to get Open tickets!)

He continues to play badminton and recently won the over 70s men’s doubles West of England Masters. Makes him very important and much better than other men over 70 who sit down the pub and watch the football. We’re actually very proud and here’s his winner picture, he’s second from the left, being presented with his massive trophy by none other than Steve Badley, a previous Sussex No. 1. Nice one Pops!



Ieuan Want himself here.

I am a big fan of magic. Here is a video of me doing Tommy Cooper’s (my favourite magician) bottle glass glass bottle trick, but I also do a card vanish, I can get you to pick a card, chuck them on the floor but keep you card in my hand, I can vanish a handkerchief and I can do the linking rings.

In this video I do the bottle glass trick, I tell a joke, spoon jar jar spoon and the linking rings. This was from 2 years ago when I was only 8 so I was a very very young beginner.

I hope you enjoy it, I’ll make sure there are some new videos soon.

Had been looking forward to it for ages, but today I finally got to see the new Muppets film.


A tad like Walter from the film itself, I’ve been a Muppets fan since the late 70s and their Sunday night show on TV. Which started in Britain funnily enough because the yanks didn’t get the humour! Happy days spent with the family, waiting for Fozzie’s latest joke or Statler and Waldorf’s abuse or even when Piggy flirted with the guest and punched poor Kermit. As I say, happy days.

The film is a wonderful homage to the old show, lots of subtle references to little things I used to remember, like when the opening number starts and Kermit looks down from the ‘O’ of ‘show’ to see what’s going on on the stage! And Rainbow Connection. The closing number from the original Muppet Movie, a number one for Kermit if I remember correctly. Revised here with possibly the only bit of the film I didn’t like, Animal being given his drum sticks half way through and possibly spoiling the moment.

But it was marvellous, great songs penned by Brett McKensey from Flight of the Conchords, some amazing cameos, Dave Grohl being my favourite – brought back great memories and Rainbow Connection is still going round my head! Thoroughly recommended!

So, I turned 38. A kind of ‘meh’ age, not quite mid 30s but not close enough to the big 4-0. So nothing really planned.

That was before, of course, Mrs Want got involved.

I’d decided to adapt the standard work policy of buying everyone cakes by taking in one of the homemade lemon meringue pies from the weekend. Just enough for my team and those lovely chefs who usually get forgotten. Top stuff and a lovely card and prezzie off Anna too. Even Andy told me to go home at a reasonable hour.


But then, well. I’d already had a fab present off the missus in the morning, Fozzie bear, obviously the best act in The Muppet Show. He’s even wearing a neck tie! Wacca wacca wacca!


Dinner, though was wonderful. A fantastic cranberry mozzarella chicken with Palma ham. My fine lady excelled herself and made me a very happy chappy.


Thanks also to all my wonderful Facebook friends who left me messages. You’re all brilliant, some of you leaving coded messages referring to slightly wilder birthdays from back in the day!

Hi all, John, Niclas and Ieuan here – been showing the boys our new website and we’ve even done a little video…

We have finally found a house to live in. Trowbridge is calling! Will move up there in late March – whoop! Boys have already decided on their rooms, we just need to do the boring stuff with the agency!

Have bought new ‘company’ car as well, don’t get an actual car this time so have invested in a very tidy 8 year old Nissan for now. Just bought mats for it and already planning ICE upgrades!

Oh – and look out for more videos on a dedicated page on here – Niclas and Ieuan have several on Youtube we’ll share and no doubt they’ll add new ones as time progresses! We’ve added lots of photos to our stream too, click on the links on the right to see them.