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So, I turned 38. A kind of ‘meh’ age, not quite mid 30s but not close enough to the big 4-0. So nothing really planned.

That was before, of course, Mrs Want got involved.

I’d decided to adapt the standard work policy of buying everyone cakes by taking in one of the homemade lemon meringue pies from the weekend. Just enough for my team and those lovely chefs who usually get forgotten. Top stuff and a lovely card and prezzie off Anna too. Even Andy told me to go home at a reasonable hour.


But then, well. I’d already had a fab present off the missus in the morning, Fozzie bear, obviously the best act in The Muppet Show. He’s even wearing a neck tie! Wacca wacca wacca!


Dinner, though was wonderful. A fantastic cranberry mozzarella chicken with Palma ham. My fine lady excelled herself and made me a very happy chappy.


Thanks also to all my wonderful Facebook friends who left me messages. You’re all brilliant, some of you leaving coded messages referring to slightly wilder birthdays from back in the day!

Signing the registerIt was a year ago on Sunday that the wonderful Samantha Edwards crossed to the dark side and became Mrs Want. We took a long weekend and returned to our favourite haunt in Padstow.

It was wonderful, you forget how much the simple things like reading the papers together in bed can mean, especially when work and family life is usually so hectic.

So here’s to another year, or ten, or forty maybe?!

Hello world!

This is my first entry in our new blog, which has only come about as those nice people at Apple are switching off my old website. Bless.

Anyhow, enjoy the content!