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Never to be accused of doing things by halves, I’ve upped sticks and moved to a town we don’t know for a job which could have been a step too far.

However… First things first. I left Ginsters on Thursday 15th March after over four years of inventing pasties and sandwiches, opening hot pasty outlets and generally annoying all the girls in finance. It was a wonderful day made all the more special by the kind words off the boss and all the little things Anna and Becs did to say goodbye. Anna even made a fish cake for me…


Lots of lovely presents too, I FINALLY got my hands on a sausage & mash pasty, a variety I’d been banging on about for three years nearly and had been told on all occasions it definitely wasn’t the future (even though it is). Thanks for Graham and the boys for this…


So thanks everyone at Ginsters who contributed to the leaving day and prezzies. I’ll miss the fun and laughter we had, although I suspect much more work will get done now I’ve gone! Here’s the Brand Team I leave behind…


And onto pastures new. Samantha and I have moved to Trowbridge in sunny Wiltshire (think White Horses and posh ham). I got a great new job at Lyons Seafoods, who source and cook the very best prawns in the UK. Pasties to prawns, oh yes. The first week went very well, in at the deep end with a major client meeting on day four.


We obviously also have a new house, in a big estate on the outskirts of Trowbridge. Our footballers wives pad, complete with cream carpets and pillars by the front door. We’re pleased to be back near civilisation with decent shops on the doorstep and the clubs and bars of Bath and Brizzle only a short train ride away. Looking forward to seeing all our friends and family a bit more often. Of course, this means I might have to clean the BBQ which I’ve been putting off for over a year!

So, my time at Ginsters comes to an end. 4 years of inventing new pasties and sandwiches, attempting not to get bigger than a 34 inch waist, and living in a Cornwall that people think is wall to wall with sun but is actually bleak, rainsodden and windswept. All ending in March.

Some might say that a move from Cornwall to Trowbridge is a novel one when most people go the other way, but my new job at Lyons Seafood is a bobby dazzler, looking at exciting new fish products for you and your families to devour. At least I’ll have a greater chance of getting back into my skinny jeans.

Now to find a house, lots of mortgage/rental fun to be had and moving to an area we don’t know. But life’s challenges and changes make it exciting. And it will move Samantha closer to Bristol Harvey Nicks, which is nice.